In an effort to go where we’ve never gone before, today we’re going to examine Superman and his hidden power. Leggo!!!!

For years now, we’ve watched him stand for truth, justice and the American way. In doing these this, he’s proven himself to be more powerful than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We’ve looked heavenward and all simultaneously said, “Look up on in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Superman. My question is, have we ever asked ourselves some more simple questions. Like, I understand with him being Kryptonian that his molecular DNA allows him to float and to fly but where does the propulsion come from? How is it that he’s able to catch structures and not have them crumble under their own weight? How is he able to catch Lois while she’s falling (thank you “Big Bang Theory”) and not cut her in half as she literally falls into his arms?
Well, if you’ve asked yourself these questions and many more comparable questions, I have the answer for you right here. Kal-El is a telekinetic. Sure it’s never been discussed and in the comic world it probably never will be. That’s okay, I’m more than willing to discuss it here. Ahhhh, there are those of you who doubt me? That’s fine. Let’s make it make sense, shall we? Cool; leggo.
Kal is as strong as…well heck, he’s the strongest man on the planet. That’s a given. Yet how does that explain the feets of strength he exhibits? On more than one occasion, we’ve seen him catch a huge structure such as a building that is falling, only to reestablish it positioning and use his heat vision to seal it back in place. While being able to physically halt the building from falling, theoretically…the building being able to support its own weight while he holds it together is highly improbable if not impossible altogether.
When flying at the speed of sound to catch Lois Lane who has fallen out of (oh heck she’s always falling, right), how is Kal able to fly at the speed of sound and then catch her, albeit after she’s built up her own momentum without breaking her in two? Once again, this is not possible but has happened on numerous occasions. The answer is simple. Unbeknownst to Kal, he’s also a telekinetic. His telekenisis though is not a conscious type of power. The power is purely instinctual at best. It activates when it needs to. Knowingly, Kal does not have access to this power. So when Lois is falling out of the sky and Kal is speeding through the air to catch her, telekinetically…he supports her bone structure as not to shatter it once he catches her.
It’s similar to when the globe of the Daily Planet starts to fall earthward, Kal catches it. In doing so, he unknowingly activates his telekinesis which supports the structure of the globe while he lowers it to earth. The same explanation is justified when he catches a bridge that’s about to collapse or a plane that’s about to fall out of the sky. This is especially prevalent when he floats about 6 feet above ground right before accelerating into the sky. Think not? Explain this then.
Superman’s skin is incredibly dense (bullet proof…remember) which indicates more than likely he also weighs more than the average person. There’s never been any speculation that he’s able to decrease his density ala the “Vision” from Marvel Comics and thus become lighter than air. Thus, to float, he would need to disrupt the gravitational field. Mind you, this is different than him just flexing his leg muscles and jumping into the air. I’m speaking of when he’s actually just hovering in the air. Now add to that, when he goes from regularly flying to flying at the speed of sound, where does the propulsion come from? It’s because unbeknownst to him, he has willed it, i.e. telekinetically he has sped himself up.
Since Superman has never spoken on this ability I’m pretty sure he’s unaware that it exists. This is even more fascinating considering that Kal El is far from stupid. To be quite honest, he’s pretty darn intelligent. He comes from an advanced civilization although rarely does he fall back on his intelligence to overcome an enemy who relies solely on physical abilities. That being said, I’m pretty sure there’s only one character in the DC Universe who has speculated on Kal El’s ability . That character being Batman. I’m out.

Bitch, Nigga, Hoe

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I often think to myself, we don’t even know our native tongue

All the English words we speak have been taught and learned

Some of us are unaware or worse yet don’t even care

About the rich heritage we had we were forced to leave back there

But I bet all of you can tell me about the Bible

That sacred text that our ancestors clung to for survival

Yet if I ask you about our ancestor’s religion from back over there

Some of you become uncomfortable and start to twitch in your chair

We’ve become comfortable in not looking beyond Plymouth Rock

That educated brothers and sisters don’t question this is a shock

We proudly wear tattoos and markings from another culture

But have you ever heard of Adinkra symbols, sometimes I wonder

We’ve all been taught about Greek and Roman mythology

But we’re African Americans and we have our own mythology

Ignorance is not bliss and honestly, neither is stupidity

But I’m starting to think most of us don’t even care about our history

Being killed and maimed by the police is not a surprise to me

The fact that you are tells me you didn’t learn…our AMERICAN history

People have been justifiably killing us for a long, long time

About as long as they’ve been cracking whips on our naked behinds

Law Enforcement was used back in the day to return property

And if you know American history, slaves were nothing more than property

See back then, law enforcement beat us, shot us and killed us as slaves

They doing the same thing now, accusing of not knowing how to behave

But see if you knew your history, you’d get somewhere and sit your ass down

Because when the police come on the scene, that’s not the time to clown around

But you young, dumb and can’t nobody tell your ass shit

Right up until that time Officer Friendly hit yo ass with some hot shit


To have the right to vote, to have the right to eat…to have the right

Not to kill, not to rob, not to sag, not to degrade…that wasn’t the fight

Non Black, New Black, Half Black, New Nigga, This Nigga, Half Nigga

I thought our ancestors fought and died for something bigger

All these challenges on social media coming about

I challenge you to find something new with some clout

Something like…ummm maybe King or maybe Queen

Names that don’t require that you act ignorant, slash stupid, slash mean

See I believe you are exactly what you say you are

When it comes to a title, your personality won’t stray too far

Because a BITCH is a female dog and a female dog is loud

And the female that proudly calls herself that usually is…loud


Now about this word Nigga that we all seem to cling TO

Eager to fight, curse and disrespect…that’s what real NIGGAS DO

And what about the word HOE, male hoe…female hoe, this hoe, that hoe

Hoes love to fuck and it doesn’t matter with who, after all a hoe is a hoe

Ladies get that dick, make that money…make that Nigga learn real quick

That you’re the baddest bitch, the boss on this shit, a real boss bitch

Fellas make that hoe learn, let her feel what that long stroke is about

As you brag to your boys, man I made that bitch’s ass tap out

And in 2015 with much celebrated pride, these are all the titles we cling to

As if the King and Queen titles from our mother land just won’t do

But now, if those titles are just too formal for you

What about Lady and Gentleman, will those titles do

Let Smokey Robinson tell it, we’re black not African American

The audience took him seriously as I thought, come on man

He was that Spoken Word Profit to teach us all a valuable lesson

As he captivated the crowd, he could do no wrong, class was in session

He said since he wasn’t born in Africa, he was not African but Black

As he received a thunderous ovation, all I could do was sit back

Cause see, while I wasn’t born in Africa, neither was I born in box

And by box, I mean that yellow and green Crayola Crayon box

I remember the first time I saw the crayons, the black and the white

And I said to myself at the age of 6, “Man this can’t possibly be right.”

Also as Mr. Robinson eluded to, I wasn’t born in Nigeria

Thus I can’t bring myself to embrace the title of…Nigga.

I stand before you now, more ummm caramel COMPLEXTED

But I digress because that’s not what the focus of this text is

Some of us have tried real hard to flip the meaning of Nigga

But if I say “Fuck Nigga” or a white person says, “Hey Nigga”

You say, “What Nigga” or “Who you calling a Nigga”

But if the word has no power like so many of us say

Then why do I see such anger written all over your face

Is it because…deep down you understand the word’s true meaning

That regardless of the spin, this word and others like it are demeaning

So much so to the point that you can’t out run them nor defend them anymore



Whatever Happened To Me

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Whatever Happened To Me

I remember when I first became cognizant of what I was watching on television and what I was reading. I think it was when I was reading the X-Men. They were my favorite superhero group at the time. Their team included members, the Beast, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman and Cyclops. So awestruck by them, I even created my own team of Superheroes called the Guardians. Aside from the powers, I was mimicking what I was reading in comics. So there I was, an African American male in the Fifth grade writing comics and designing characters and I only designed one character that was an African American.

There was nothing unusual about that, right? I mean the Fantastic Four were all Caucasians and so were the Justice League of America. At the time, the Avengers roster only included the Black Panther as the lone African American as did the Teen Titans with Cyborg. I was a Trekkie as well so I also didn’t see anything wrong with only Lieutenant Uhura as the only African American of any status on the original Star Trek episodes. Maybe this isn’t sinking in right now and maybe this doesn’t disturb you but I was so in to what I was watching that there were somethings I just started taking for granted. How so you ask?

Well this naïve mindset of mine continued all the way up into High School. My favorite show at the time was the “Dukes of Hazzard.” Some of you may be too young to remember the show but I loved it. Every Friday night, my friends and I would tune in at 9:00 to watch Bo and Luke Duke along with Uncle Jessie and the incomparable Daisy Dukes (she of whom short shorts are named after). Daisy played by actress Catherine Bach was one attractive woman or so I and my male classmates thought. Anyway, they had this car called the “General Lee.” It was a bright orange old school Dodge Charger with “01” painted on the doors and a Rebel Flag painted on the roof of the car.

My classmates and I never made the connection. I mean we never thought about it and no one ever told me the wiser until one fateful Friday night. See I also played on the varsity football team. Our team colors were red, white and blue and I was about to run out of the tunnel with a rebel flag draped from my waist until Coach Taylor stopped me in the tunnel. He pulled me to the side and asked me what was I about to do? I told him that I was getting ready to go warm up. I remember his words like he’d just spoken them yesterday, “Gerald…do you know what the rebel flag stands for?” I told him, “No Coach, why?” “Well Gerald, I think you need to research the rebel flag before you wear it, you may not want to wear it anymore.”

I trusted Coach Taylor so I didn’t wear the flag. I would love to tell you that I did my research as a twelfth grader should but that would be a lie. Oh did I forget to mention that Coach Taylor was a Caucasian? I didn’t? Oh well, that was just one of those things I never thought about. Anyway, back to the Dukes of Hazard. They were just one of the shows I watched on Friday night. Before the Dukes, it was “The Incredible Hulk” and after them it was “Dallas.” As I watched the shows, I wanted to be Hulk. I wanted to be the Duke boys. I wanted to be J.R. or Bobby Ewing but I couldn’t, could I? No I couldn’t be them. I could be JJ from “Good Times” or I could be Arnold from “Different Strokes” but be the hero, be the leading man that got the women, be wealthy…no I couldn’t be any of those.

As time went on, I learned that I could be a doctor or a lawyer as I watched the “Cosby Show.” It’s amazing how simple it is for a child to see themselves in others, whether it be on sports, politics or entertainment. “A Different World” taught me that I could go to college but as I graduated school back in 1986, I remember my guidance counselor telling me that my grades weren’t high enough to get into college. I joined the Marine Corps instead. You know it’s kinda funny. No one ever mentioned junior college as a viable option. You might wonder what I’m getting at here but just read along and sooner or later it will all start to come together. Some of you may think I’m just making something out of nothing but just think about what you see on an everyday basis. Think about what you take for granted as right…as acceptable and then ask yourself what it would be like if things were very different from the way they are now.

I remember watching “Friday Night Videos.” Once again you may be too young to remember this show. It’s okay. Wikipedia it or Google it. Anyway every Friday night at 12 midnight, music videos used to come on. Here you could watch your favorite musicians perform in videos inspired by the lyrics to their songs. Anyway between this show and MTV, you could watch all the music videos you wanted. There was only one thing. Most of the acts were Caucasian in nature with African Americans playing supportive instruments in the background. It really left me asking, “What happened to me?” I mean I knew I sang, right? We had, “Earth, Wind & Fire,” “Kool & the Gang,” “The Gap Band,” “Midnight Star,” “Atlantic Starr,” “Michael Jackson” and many, many other African American acts but I was hard pressed to see them until “BET” launched.

I’ve heard some people ask how I would feel if there were such a thing as White Entertainment Television. When they say this I ask myself, “Does this person watch television like I watch television? Does this person see what I see?” On BET I could see shows featuring me, educational programs by me for me. At last, someone had given me an image that I could relate to. Someone had given me a voice that sounded familiar. I no longer had to ask, “What happened to me?” Now I could simply turn to BET to answer this question. There was something lacking though. Although I was raised by my grandparents who were probably middle aged during the Civil Rights Movement, I was not raised to support segregation. I was raised to embrace being accepted and being accepting of others. Thus while BET was where I could go to be comfortable…no inspired, I yearned for more. As the years rolled by, yearning for more would not necessarily lead to more.

I watched as movies and television shows premiered and I found myself asking the question, “What about me?” Futuristic movies were released time and time again and the representation of the African American race was slim to none. It was enough to make me ask if we had moved to another planet or just became extinct altogether. It’s kinda funny but kinda sad as well. You ever watched the Star Wars movies or Star Trek movies? I did. I always asked”Well damn, “I can’t be a Jedi Knight?” I was so glad to see Samuel L. Jackson as not only a hero but a senior member of the Jedi Knights but…with all the Caucasian Jedi Knights running around, he was the one that died. I was like damn, “What do I do now?”

I know you’re probably thinking that I’m over thinking this but seriously…just consider what I’m saying. Being a hero let along a superhero was almost null and void. Even though Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto and the Mutant Population are based on Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the African American Population, you would think that the so called “mutant” gene avoided African Americans as much as Civil Rights avoided African Americans for centuries. Who could my children pretend to be on Halloween that looked like them? Oh wait, there was Blade but I don’t seem to remember a costume for kids based on his character being released.

How does this play on a child’s psyche? Can you imagine as an African American child…you’re looking for action figures and all the action figures you come across are Caucasian? What about as a lil girl you’re looking for an African American doll to play with? You’re beautiful but the world tells you…not really? Looking for African American dolls in the toy store is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Have your ever noticed this when you walked into a toy store or did you just see the representation as being, “normal?” Me looking for me doesn’t just lend itself to television and movies. It also lends itself to me reading books.

I love to read but how interested can I be about reading story after story about characters that don’t look like me, act like and or talk like me? At some point it just gets old. I love the Harry Potter series but it would see that only one or two African Americans can be wizards at one time. Is there some type of quota that can’t be exceeded? What about the Percy Jackson series? I was happy to see Brandon T. Jackson in the movie. You may not remember him but he played the role of the Centaur. Yeah, that’s not really what I aspire to be as a hero.  You may be saying, he’s really overthinking this.

I wonder though. Am I? As children our minds are so malleable. We see, we believe. From the moment our parents read to us and or sit us in front of a television, we start to absorb certain styles, certain rhythms and certain beliefs. We are taught what we can be and what we can achieve without our parents ever uttering a word to us. Even in sports the subliminal message is sent. How long was it before African American quarterbacks became common place? Sure, African Americans could run, block, catch and tackle but throw the football? Well I will let history tell that story. What message though were we sending young African American males? If they couldn’t quarterback the team which to some is the position that requires the most intelligence on the team, then being a football coach is totally out of the question.

Think about the number of head coaches in Division 1FBS football and ask yourself how many of them are head coaches? As of 2011, the number was 11 African American head coaches. There are 128 Division 1FBS Football programs. Does the African American child see himself as a head coach at some point? I can honestly say that as a kid, not so much. As an adult, I understand that I possess the knowledge to do so but that knowledge comes from within. Who else sees me outwardly as being able to be competent at such a position? That is a rhetorical question. The question truly is, “Do you see the African American on the side line with a clipboard as a head coach or the Caucasian guy standing next to him with a clipboard in his hand? If you said the Caucasian guy, don’t be upset, just ask yourself why that was your first response.

This is the dilemma that African Americans find themselves in. I once thought to myself how often we get upset when Caucasians dress up in “Black face” during Halloween but never really think the same way when our children dress up in “White face,” i.e. masquerading as Caucasian characters. Wasn’t I Spiderman once? Isn’t my favorite hero Batman? Weren’t the survivors of Hurricane Katrina referred to as the Katrina Refugees? I still wonder how you can be a refugee in your own country but I digress. I remember having a grey hoodie in high school to stay warm. This was back in 1986 in Camilla, Georgia which is a rural town in southwest Georgia. Now in 2015 in Tallahassee, Florida I’m concerned about wearing the very same hoodie. Why? I ask myself does a Caucasian male share my same concern. Once again I digress. This is about what do I see myself as.

I want to be the hero. I want to see myself in futuristic movies. I want to read about myself as the hero if not the main character in Sci Fi Fantasy books. For instance, I would like to be Harry Potter, the Prince of Narnia and or Percy Jackson. Should it just be taken as granted that young African American children aren’t affected by seeing themselves portrayed in such a role? When all you see of yourself is as a dancer, a rapper, a singer, an athlete, an actor, a thug, a criminal or just a grunt on the battlefield…what are your choices as for being an adult? When you achieve more than that, are you the exception to the rule? Should it be conceived as normal?

Just recently, a young African American girl played the part of “Annie” and some Americans almost lost their mind because the role had long since been portrayed as a Caucasian girl (mind you the story of Annie was written by Harold Gray in 1924)but shouldn’t Annie be representative of any young girl? Isn’t it possible that an African American girl can be adopted by an African American millionaire? We have a Bi-Racial President in office so isn’t it possible to see, write, portray an African American person in the role of the hero? Times have changed and although there are clearly some Neanderthals still out there who think in old and outdated terms, we are certainly more together as a country then we ever have been thus characters now are being portrayed in a manner that embraces all races instead of just shining light on one race?

Thus when I read a book and or go see Post-Apocalyptic movies, futuristic movies, sci-fi movies, television shows and or commercials it would be nice to know that I actually exist. When buying my children toys, I would like to know that there are toys based on them as casually as toys have been based on Caucasian children. For that matter, I would like to see all races and or minorities represented. This is my country and I love it to death…faults and all but when I come across various forms of media and can go on and on without seeing any similar faces, I’m 47 years old and I’m tired of asking, “What about me?”

Now that I have your attention, please know…I do not have a problem with Jameis Winston. For that matter I don’t have a problem with his accuser who still remains nameless. Who do I have a problem with? I have a problem with all surrounding parties. Today we go “HARD IN THE PAINT” on the handling of the Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case. Leggo.
Some of you may be wondering why I waited until now to comment on the Jameis Winston case. Well for one, I wanted the entire situation to play itself…from the announcement that an investigation was under way, to the ruling of State District Attorney Willie Meggs to Jameis Winston eventually winning the Heisman Trophy. I’m a father. I have daughters so allow me to just say right off the rip that there is no way in hell this thing would have played itself out a year later had one of my daughters come home and said, “Daddy…I’ve been raped.”
Allegedly the rape took place during December of 2012 and was reported to the Tallahassee Police Department on December 7, 2012. Per USA Today here is a timeline of the events in question. In January of 2013, the complainant identified Jameis Winston as the rapist to the Tallahassee Police Department. In February of 2013, Jameis’ attorney Tim Jansen was contacted by TPD (Tallahassee Police Department) stating that the case was closed. PAUSE.
Anyone else besides myself see the movie, “A Time To Kill” featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey. If you haven’t I won’t reveal the plot but let’s just say I’m prone to erring more on the side of Mr. Jackson’s character as opposed to how these events played out in real life. How so? Well let’s continue. After TPD announced the case was closed…nothing happened. I mean nothing literally happened. The accuser’s attorney did nothing. The accuser’s family did nothing. Now maybe I have this whole thing confused but no one did nothing? Everybody just went on their merry way? Really? I don’t believe my conviction is that strong to sit back and let it go…ahhhh but wait…something did happen.
On Friday, November 8, 2013 a reporter from the Tampa Times by the name of Matt Baker makes a public records request of the December incident using the case number. At that time, Florida State is 8-0. Jameis Winston is being touted for the Heisman Trophy after his performance against Clemson. Florida is also in the National Championship race with really no one left to play on their schedule. After their demolition of Wake Forest on national television bringing their record to 9-0, TMZ makes a public records request seeking records involving Winston.
Hold on for a minute. Why all the sudden interest in Winston. Listen I live here in Tallahassee, Florida and I can tell you Jameis Winston wasn’t on my radar a year ago. I’m a Georgia Bulldog football fan and I knew of E. J. Manuel was the starter for FSU and that Aaron Murray was my guy at Georgia. That’s it. Per BlackSportsOnLine The accuser’s attorney, Patricia Carroll made this statement on November 22, 2013, “It is absolutely untrue. This is a victim of rape, which occurred on Dec. 7. She identified this guy sometime in January. This whole situation — think about it, think about it — if she wanted to ruin this guy, she would have done it a long time ago.”
“She’s not someone with any interest in ruining the football team,” Carroll said. “If this victim was interested in notoriety, why would she have not taken any action all this time? Anyone with a brain can see that. It’s ludicrous. It only came out when someone from the press got a hold of this. It’s really ruined her life. There’s no benefit in this to her whatsoever. She’s a good girl, and this is a nightmare. She was trying to move on with her life, and there was no benefit to her.”
Okay, I get it. Ms. Carroll is an attorney and much smarter than me when it comes to the judicial system but maybe she allow someone else to speak publicly for her. See the reporter from the Tampa Times, Mr. Matt Baker? He didn’t just arbitrarily contact TPD. That’s not how this works. Why? Because he had no reason to. Someone tipped him off. As a matter of fact, TMZ didn’t just decide to make a public records request to TPD. TMZ is a “celebrity gossip show” located out in Los Angeles and guess what? Jameis Winston did not become a celebrity until the fall of 2013. So now the question becomes…just how did a celebrity gossip show get wind of the Jameis Winston allegation before…ESPN? Once again…it was leaked and it was leaked to an entity whose job it is to make people look…bad.
I’m not saying Ms. Carroll’s client was not raped. I’m simply saying that the best time to come out against Jameis Winston was not in 2012. The beginning of the football season wasn’t even the best time to come out against Jameis Winston because he could’ve been a bust and so could the Seminoles. Noooo, the best time to come out against this young man was exactly the time the reports started leaking. As stated earlier, he was being touted for a Heisman. He’d even been given a nick name. Famous Jameis is what people started calling him. During this time frame I just shook my head saying to myself, “It couldn’t have been my daughter. Nope, old Mr. Butler would’ve handled this a long time ago.” Think I’m just putting on? Just ask my wife. She’s seen me up close and personal and knows how I feel about my daughters and that has always been her biggest concern…that somebody would hurt them and I would either wind up dying over it or going to jail.
I digress though because according the timeline, TPD reopened their investigation on November 12, 2013. It’s not like they really had a choice given the media scrutiny they were under. That being said…there were several statements released by the Ms. Carroll, the State District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Jansen and several other people. ESPN and ESPN2 via their news shows reported on alleged rape on a daily basis. Questions were asked, intentions were debated and ramifications were discussed. How was this going to affect the Seminoles? Could they stay focused? Would Jameis become distracted? Would it affect his Heisman Trophy campaign? Silently I just shook my head because what truly mattered was what truly mattered and nobody seemed to really care about what truly mattered…was what I thought to myself.
What truly mattered was this. Jameis Winston won the Heisman with 2,205 votes. The next closest person had 704 votes. Mind you that was after 115 voters left Jameis off of their ballot altogether. Know what that means? This young man is considered guilty in their eyes. I don’t know if any of those people will ever come forward but by leaving Winston off of their ballot, their belief was made known, regardless of whether it will ever be made public. Winston, a redshirt freshman only has to play one more season at FSU before turning pro. If he does decide to do so at that time…he will have to field questions from all 32 NFL teams and their representatives regarding the alleged rape. That’s a shame.
As for the young lady. She’s been manipulated by those who sought to use her to gain some form of fame. See the right thing to do was not sit back and wait. Her attorney made the mistake of not pressing the issue and then playing the public sentiment card. She lost. Public sentiment would have been with the young lady when this first happened. To hell with FSU. If she was actually raped, let’s scream it to the mountain tops and have her accuser go before trial…before he gets some fancy schmancy nick name. I feel for her because those that should’ve had her back…did not. Her attorney is her attorney and when TPD stopped the investigation, we should’ve heard from Ms. Carroll in February 2013 not TMZ in November, 2013. I hold Ms. Carroll and those around the young responsible for this debacle because they failed her. I hold the legal system responsible because it comes across as though they showed FSU and specifically Jameis Winston some form of favoritism and it’s way too obvious that someone within the judicial system did do exactly. These two young people will forever be scarred by this moment and it’s not their fault. It’s all of those involved who decided to put their own personal agendas ahead of these two young people. I’m out.

Dear EA Sports,
I’m one of your many, many fans who’re disappointed that you are no longer making NCAA College Football. That being said, I certainly understand why you’re discontinuing the brand. The ironic part in all of this is that some of the people who are suing you over their likenesses being used on your product also played your game. I would argue that some high school kids actually looked forward to working hard enough to making their way into college and actually being in your game.
Living in Tallahassee, I cannot tell you the number of college football players I’ve come across who either went to FSU or FAMU and bragged about being in your game. They took pride in it. That being said, they will also suffer the loss of there no longer being an NCAA College Football game to play. That doesn’t mean however that you should stop making the game. As a matter of fact, you should be working on a college football game for 2014. Maybe you could call it EA Sports College Football. You’re pretty good at being ingenious when it comes to this product…so do so again.
One of the ideas to fall back on is the original game that started it all…Bill Walsh College Football. I remember owning it on the Sega Genesis and how I and my friends from Camilla, Georgia would play that game for hours. Since I was then living in Tallahassee, Florida…of course I played with the team from Tallahassee. Here’s the thing. There were no “Official Teams” in the game but that didn’t take away from the game play. It didn’t take away from the excitement. You had such original bowls as the Maple Bowl, Palm Bowl, Pecan Bowl, and Redwood Bowl. As a matter of fact, one of the things I loved most about those early games was the near empty stadiums for teams that performed badly. That was as real as it got to me.
That being said don’t be daunted. One of the best things about this particular generation of your College Sports Franchise is being able to create your own team. I don’t know if you’ve ever went to “Team Builder” but people spend hours, maybe days creating their own teams. I and my friends had 11 “Atari” League teams that we’d created back during the Atari 2600 days. I put all those teams on Team Builder. I guess what I’m saying is that you or rather we don’t need the NCAA or their teams to enjoy your product. Your game is good enough to not require their services any longer.
If I had to make a few suggestions, bring back the realistic crowds. Keep your affiliation with Nike, Addidas, Under Armor and Russell Athletics. Allow teams to have to win enough games to get the Sponsor that they like. Update the “Team Builder” mode to allow people to be able to create more than 2 helmets and more than 2 pair of pants for their teams. On your Playstation 2 model, a created team can have 4 helmets, jerseys and pants. Just update the site to allow for the same thing. This increases the in game experience and trust me; you won’t see a drop in sales. If anything, your fans (including myself) will snatch them off the shelves because this will finally be a game for us, made for us, brought to us by the creators at EA Sports that we’ve learned to appreciate over the years.


One of Your Biggest Fans

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love the Georgia Bulldogs. I live in Tallahassee, Florida where it’s almost unheard of to be a Georgia Fan. Heck, I know people born in Georgia that are Florida and Florida State fans. You have no idea how much that bothers me. I really do consider those people traitors to their state but I digress. This isn’t about them. It’s about my beloved football team. Before I go any further…let me also say, I think Mark Richt is a great coach. With that being said…leggo!!!!!
I’m 45 years old so my cognizant time of being a Georgia Bulldog fan comes during Vince Dooley’s tenure as head coach. Man I loved me some Hershel Walker. Seeing him bowl over people as he ran for first downs and touchdowns was enough to lock me into playing football for the rest of my life (I’m still playing competitive flag football at the age of…45). On Sunday morning during the “Vince Dooley Show” I would have my football in one hand while stiff arming the furniture with the other hand (I’m an only child). Those are memories I cherish to this day. The Bulldogs were winners. Coach Dooley was 201-77-10 as a head coach. He won six SEC Championships and a National Title in 1980. Then Coach Dooley left after the 1988 season and mediocrity settled into Athens, Georgia.
When Dooley left, Ray Goff took over as Head Coach. His record from 1989 to 1995 was 46-34-1. His teams were 0–5 against Tennessee, 1–6 against Florida, 2–4–1 against Auburn, 5–2 against Georgia Tech and won no conference titles. During his time at Georgia, Goff was often derisively referred to as Ray “Goof”, a nickname given to him by former Florida and current South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier
Next up we had Jim Donnan, who took over as head coach in 1996 and coached the Bulldogs until 2000, posting a 40–19–0 record (.678 winning percentage). Donnan’s teams produced no conference titles and were 1–4 against Tennessee, 2–3 against Auburn, 1–4 against Florida and 2–3 against Georgia Tech. The Bulldogs lost to all four of these rivals in 1999 and only posted a win against Tennessee in 2000. Donnan had a 4–0 bowl record. If you’re not getting the drift by now…I can tell you that I got tired of losing to Steve Spurrier (the epitome of a sore winner if I ever saw one) and Peyton Manning and damn near any other quarterback that chose to put on a Tennessee uniform. It was horrible.
Then enter Mark Richt in 2001, the former Offensive Coordinator for Florida State. Living in Tallahassee I was too thrilled. Richt’s offensive schemes had seen FSU play for 4 National Championships while winning 2. If anyone could restore the shine back to those “Silver Britches” it was Richt…and you know what, he’s done exactly that. His record, as of January 2, 2013, is 118–40–0. Under his watch, Georgia has won the SEC Championship twice and has played in 6 SEC Championships…and all of that is good but is that all we want in Georgia…to be good?
That was the good, now here’s the ugly. In 2003…Coach Nick Saban and the LSU Tigers blitzed the Bulldogs out of the SEC Championship and won a National Title. Mind you; he had been at LSU since 1999. Nevertheless, Saban left after 2004 to coach the Miami Dolphins. In 2005, enter Urban Meyer. Well all he does is win National Championships with Florida in 2006 and 2008. After Saban left for the National Football League, Les Miles took over as Head Coach for the LSU Tigers and won a National Championship in 2007. In January of 2007, Nick Saban returns to College Football as the Head Coach at Alabama. What does he do? He goes out and wins a National Title in 2009. In 2008, Auburn hires Gene Chizik as their Head Coach and this guy has to be the symbol of a one hit wonder in College Football as he (along with the assistance of Cam Newton) claimed a National Title in 2010. He was promptly fired after the 2011 season. Oh did I mention Nick Saban…he’s also won National Championships at Alabama in 2011 and 2012 and for those of you who aren’t taking his notice, he’s got Alabama poised to win another title this year.
Arguably from 1992 to 2011, Georgia is in the top 10 when it comes to producing talent for the National Football League. For sure until last year, Mark Richt had never had a 3 year starter let alone a 4 year starter under center until Aaron Murray came along. There’s an even bigger argument though that his teams have flat out underperformed. Why…I have no idea. To see Alabama not be able to throw against Georgia but basically run the Bulldogs out of the Georgia Dome during the 2013 SEC Championship game was absolutely embarrassing.
Here’s the thing, since Vince Dooley left and before Mark Richt, Georgia fans have had to settle for mediocrity at best. Those Georgia teams between Dooley and Richt were either flat out bad or barely average. Under Richt, our Georgia teams are good. Under Dooley they were great…under Richt…good. Between the two men…that’s twelve long years to get used to not being very good. After awhile, you don’t want to but you start to settle. Then a coach comes along and gives you some semblance of success and you take it. Who can blame you? You certainly don’t want to go back to the twelve years of suffering but don’t you want better? Don’t you want to be the best? Don’t we deserve to have a National Championship as well? Some may think I’m being hard but under Richt’s tenure at Georgia, four different SEC Schools…Alabama, LSU, Florida and Auburn have won National Titles. That’s four different schools and four different coaches…one of whom, (Gene Chizik) I would argue isn’t even on the same level of coaching when it comes to Mark Richt. The other guy, Nick Saban has won 3 National Titles. That being said, do I think Richt should be fired? No. What I do think is that like us as Georgia fans, he shouldn’t be content to be…just good. I’m out.

Last week we went hard in the paint on the Jonathan Martin vs. Richie Incognito issue that’s plaguing the Miami Dolphins. Since then, more has come out and the more that has come out, the more out of touch and older I feel. Today we’re going to go Hard In The Paint as we examine the word Nigger/Nigga and its place in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room. Leggo!!!!
By now, we’re all aware or at least should be aware of the “alleged bullying” farce that has surrounded the Miami Dolphins in the past two weeks. On one side we have Richie Incognito who is staunchly supported by his Dolphins teammates. For sure, Incognito has not been without his own issues. Some have described him as the dirtiest player in the game. The Nebraska Cornhuskers had their issues with Incognito’s attitude as well as the St. Louis Rams. In Miami, it is being leaked that Incognito got into a fight with a bouncer at a club ( and sexually harassed a young lady at a gold tournament ( It should be reported though, that Incognito himself as a youth was the victim of bullying…often because of his weight (
Next up we have Jonathan Martin. His parents are third generation Harvard Graduates. Yep, let me say that again…both of his parents are third generation Harvard Graduates. This is a picture of his father ( This is a picture of his mother (!i=2331958230&k=2qDkxfm). Martin attended John Thomas Dye School, a top 3 private elementary school in Los Angeles and for High School he went to Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles. I say that to say all of this…both of these young men couldn’t be any more different from one another. Based on their backgrounds, some might argue that Incognito was the black guy and that Martin was the white guy. As a matter of fact, that argument has already been made by many in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room and that’s exactly where this article is headed next.
Call me old school. Call me old fashioned. Call me a by-product of being raised by my grandparents in a small rural town named Camilla, Georgia. Call my position on this topic skewered by the fact that I knew and talked with my great grandfather and knew that his mother was a slave. I’m 45 by the way but yes you can base it on all of those things but we’ve gotten way too generous with the word Nigger/Nigga. By us, I mean African Americans. Before I continue, let me just say…my grandfather, Mr. Anderson Butler was an ornery man. He could curse with the best of them and calling you outta your name was not a problem if he felt the need to. What he never felt the need to do though…was call another black man a Nigga/Nigger. He didn’t use it in anger and he damn sure didn’t use it as some type of so called term of endearment. It could be said that my grandfather was a forefather to our race. If not him…definitely his mother and his grandmother were part of the forefathers to our race.
Now word comes out of the Miami Dolphins’ locker room that not only was Richie Incognito perceived by many to be blacker than Jonathan Martin, not only was he adopted into the “black brotherhood” but he was also given the freedom to use the word Nigga/Nigger whenever he liked and with whomever he liked. Really? What in the hell is going on down in Miami, Florida? Just who in the world are these so called adult black men speaking for as a race of people because they damn sure aren’t speaking for me? Lemme say this. I can remember during the summer of say 1983 when I, being a youngster said to a guy who was older than me by two years “Ahh Nigga, shut up.” The young man’s name was James Jackson and he said to me as serious as he could, “Don’t ever call me a Nigga. I’m not a Nigga. A white person hears you say that and they’ll think its okay to call me that and I’m not a Nigga.” I said okay because you know what…he was right. He wasn’t a Nigga. He was a person…who by the way led us to the Georgia Class AAA State Championship that year.
What in the world has happened to the African American Race? Seemingly not only are you automatically a Nigga/Nigger to white Americans when you come out the womb of your mother but you’re also a also a Nigga/Nigger to black Americans as well, that is unless you’ve been the beneficiary of an upbringing that is not on par with what society deems “black enough.” Now here’s the irony of such a moronic point of view. Black Americans can deem one another black enough based on their upbringing but to everyone else, especially those who do not particularly care for black folks…you’re nothing more than a Nigger. So to sum this up, if you’re an African American coming from a long line of educated and financially well off African Americans, to a group of idiotic blacks, you’re not good enough to be called a Nigga but to a group of idiotic whites…you’re black enough to be called a Nigger? Please tell me it’s not just me. Please tell me someone else see’s something wrong with this. Please.
Honestly, I just don’t give a damn and excuse my language but this piss poor “Willie Lynch” attitude that we as African Americans seem so damned determined to follow is absolutely pathetic. The truly sad part is that most of the leaders today amongst the African American Race are entertainers. Yep, your rappers, your actors and even some African American clergymen are entertainers. And the kids today, they are mimicking the entertainers. Once again, here’s irony…the one kid who chose to emulate his parents…bruthas in the Dolphins’ locker room told him he wasn’t black enough. Ain’t that something? So I’m to sit here and say to myself, there was no “James Jackson” in that locker room? There was no brutha in there saying that to call each other Niggas/Niggers isn’t cool? There was no brutha in there saying to Richie Incognito that to call a black man a Nigga/Nigger isn’t cool. Outta 53 players…not one brutha stood up? Oh I got you that you don’t like how Jonathan Martin stood/didn’t stand up for himself but are you not equally if not more appalled by the seemingly lack of respect that black men not only have for one another but for themselves?
I’m absolutely stumped. When did we stop giving a damn as a race? When did we just say, “To hell with it” as a race? When did we cumulatively say that the very title our ancestors fought not to be called, died to disassociate themselves from, were called by as they hung helplessly from a tree, were shot at as crosses burnt in their yards that we were going to now be called by…not only by other races but now we ourselves are going to start calling each other by this derogatory term? When? Can someone please tell me when this happened? I really would like to know.
I have a couple of questions though and I aim them to each and every African American that reads this article. When you think of the word Nigger/Nigga…what image comes to mind and when you think of yourself as a Nigger/Nigga…exactly what do you think of yourself? Mind you, I have a Facebook account and a twitter account and my “Friends” and “Followers” are broad and wide. In essence, without judging…I see how you conduct yourself. I see how you speak to people. Allow me to say this in parting…I no longer want to be a part of the Nigga/Nigger race. I don’t even want to be mistakenly associated with that race of people. My heritage, my legacy means too much to me than that. If you thought I was a part of that race, I’m not. I’m an African American. Either as a term of endearment or a term of hatred, if you wanna call me something, anything, call me by my name…Mr. Gerald Theoplis Butler. I’m out.

Certainly by now, those of us in the sports world have heard, discussed and read about the Richie Incognito vs. Jonathan Martin situation going on with the Miami Dolphins. Leggo!!!!
For those of you who have not heard of this ummm, situation please click on this link Now before I continue, allow me to share some of my past experiences with football. I played all the way up to the Semi Pro level. I’ve been the victim of attempted bullying on at least 3 separate occasions. I say attempted because I always fought back whether the person was bigger than me or not. I’ve also been the recipient of being hazed. I got thrown in the shower by my high school varsity teammates. I’ve even gotten into a shouting match with a Coach on the Semi Pro level who I felt slighted me at practice.
It’s taken me a while to realize, I don’t process anger well. I’m a happy go lucky guy and when I’m angry, I’m angry. I see red and I really wanna hurt someone when I get to that level. That being said, I’ve sat back and had some rather informative debates with friends of mine regarding this incident involving Incognito and Martin. I’ve also read remarks from Antrel Rolle ( I’ve listened to Dan LeBatard on Mike & Mike in the morning basically state that players feeling like Martin should’ve stood up for himself is the wrong approach…that Martin did the right thing. He even sorta kinda chastised Mike Golic for his beliefs which mirror my own.
We also have the NFL Countdown crew weighing in on the situation at this link This is ESPN’s “First Take” stance on the issue This is a video from ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie.” Here’s a tweet from Incognito to ESPN’s Adam Schefter…
Richie incognito ✔ @68INCOGNITO
@AdamSchefter Enough is enough If you or any of the agents you sound off for have a problem with me, you know where to find me #BRINGIT
8:52 AM – 3 Nov 2013
I put these links out there because I want people to read and listen. I want people to read, look and listen because what we’ve done on so many occasions (especially on this particular incident)is call a man’s masculinity into play based on whether or not he’s willing to vocally stand up to another man who is berating him. Well the question I ask is…who are we to judge? Sure, you can judge the action but judge the man? Until you’ve walked in another man’s shoes, it’s real hard to do that.
As stated earlier, I’ve had people attempt to bully me. Why I have no idea but I do know that to stop it, I had to mentally be ready to take matters to a level the bully wasn’t prepared to. See bullies don’t quit unless they feel they will take a lost. We like to say that bullies are cowards and true, some of them are but some bullies are sick individuals and the only way to end their bullying is to take them out…literally. I don’t believe that Richie Incognito was a bully. I actually feel like he’s a sick individual. Understand, he called Martin on the phone and left a voice mail. On that voice mail, he called him a half nigger and told him he would kill him. Mind you, all the other stuff, I would’ve said, “Theo, you gotta whup this guy’s ass.” Even the mother insult would’ve just required a simple ass whupping. But now the nigger comment and threatening my life? Well let’s just say I would’ve asked Richie was he prepared to die. I don’t take threats against my life lightly and if you make such a threat…I’m going to find out if your heart pumps that type of blood.
That being said, I’m disappointed to say the least in comments made by Antrel Rolle along with comments made by some of the Miami Dolphins. See before you are a football player, you are a black man, an African American and for Incognito to make comments such as this says a lot about how he feels about African Americans in general. I mean damn, Riley Cooper made racist comments at a concert that weren’t directed at any specific teammates and he caught way more flack from his African American teammates. Really? Really? So let me see if I get this right, players don’t want Riley Cooper on their team but Richie Incognito you want? Mike Wallace this is directly aimed at you, I am so damn glad you are no longer a Steeler. These are Wallace’s comments on the matter, Are you serious? Are you serious? He’s a great guy? These comments are made after the voice mail excerpts were revealed to the public. Eagle’s running back, LeSean McCoy publicly said he lost respect for Cooper and this was based on Cooper not threatening a fellow teammate but here Wallace is saying, “Coops a great guy.” Are you serious Mike? Brutha, good riddance.
Let me say this to Jonathan Martin. I can’t say I would’ve did what you would’ve done. At 5’8” 220 lbs, I would’ve had to go see about Richie, height and weight difference be damned. That’s me though. How you chose to handle the situation was right for you and I publicly admonish those who look down on you and question your manhood for doing so and here’s why. You are in the National Football League after being drafted in the Second Round of the 2012 draft. Mind you, you declared early. You play Offensive Tackle, a position that requires collisions on every snap of the ball. You don’t get to that level of play by being soft. You’ve put in the necessary work to a professional football player. I say to you, great job. You did what was best for you and you resolved this matter in a manner that was best for you…not for the organization, nor for a teammate but what was best for you. That’s to be commended, not condemned.
For the naysayers out there, I say this. Maybe Martin doesn’t do well with anger. Maybe he has no off switch when he gets angry. Maybe a fight with him is a fight to the death. Smirk all you like but for some people, that’s how they live their life. For some people, they go their entire life suppressing their anger because their very own experience has taught them that, “I can’t come back from being angry” so they do everything to not get angry. Then there are people who are very non-confrontational. Just like there are some people who search out confrontations, there are some people who do everything to avoid it. People wanna question how Martin resolved his issues with Incognito? Screw you. He went to his father who raised him and asked him how to handle it. His father, Gus Martin (a Harvard Grad and a Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at the California State University, Dominguez Hills) advised his son. And I’m pretty sure that his mother Jane Howard-Martin (also a Harvard Grad and currently a corporate lawyer at Toyota) his mother advised him as well…son, you stand more to lose financially by engaging into fisticuffs with this goon. They advised him that there was another way. Who are we to judge? I’m out.

Last comment, be prepared for Richie Incognito to point the finger at Dolphin teammates and Coaches who knew and conspired and supported him in antagonizing Jonathan Martin.